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Grant Fairley’s Family History

Grant is one who was “bitten by the family history bug” and who enjoys seeing glimpses of relatives from the past. His story includes collections of ancestors who were miners, bakers, farmers, weavers, tea salesmen and others who lived out their days with the same challenges of life and family in their time that are not really much different today. Some of Grant’s relatives have links here. All of them also have an entry on Wikipedia.

Charles Williams – British War Correspondent, Editor and Journalist (Great-Great Grandfather)

Fred Williams – Canadian Parliamentary Reporter, Journalist and Historian
(Great Grandfather)

James A Cowan – Pioneer of Canadian Public Relations, Writer and Master of the Art of Influence

Hugh Cowan – Presbyterian/United Church Minister, Author and Historian
(Great-Great Grandfather)

Lois Ann Cowan Fairley – Nurse and leader in Ontario’s Nursing Profession

John Richardson Fitzpatrick – Olympic Athlete Engineer and Inventor
(Great Uncle)

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