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Often you have a small group from your organization that would benefit from a seminar or workshop. You do not want to take them off-site or pay the huge $499 to $199 per-person cost of training at a large seminar. What can you do?

We recognize that sometimes a small group is best. That is why we offer small group seminars to allow you to target the topics that would be most helpful with a small group in your organization with the training that they need the most. The topics can be customized from our wide list of general topics to connect with the goals you have in your training program.

Affordable, our small group business, government and community seminars have a special rate* of $1500 plus HST for the entire group of up to 50 people for a 1-2 hour seminar.

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*This special price option is only available in the GTA on Highway 404-403-402-401-400 to Windsor corridor.

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