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Your Third Act – A Guide to a Great Retirement

Retirement triggers many changes in our life and prompts new questions. What will it mean to be retired? What do I have to do to be ready? How will my life be different? What are the risks and rewards of this stage of my journey? Will these by my golden years?
How will my relationships change? This seminar explores all of these topics and more.

If you are already retired, what can you do to make this the most satisfying time of your life? A play or movie has three acts. The way a story finishes leaves an audience satisfied or disappointed. Whether your first two acts have been great, mediocre, or difficult, you can still choose to make your third act a great one. The baby boom generation is already entering the Third Act of their story. The post-WWII generation is already there, and living longer. Generation X is not far away.

From the book co-authored with geriatric psychiatrist Dr. Bill Cook, motivational speaker Grant D. Fairley explores with you the challenges and opportunities awaiting all each generation in the retirement years. This seminar will help you make your third act the best one yet!

Finding Satisfaction – Staying Young – Family – Retirement – Purpose – Health – Friendships – Perspective – Aging Well – Meaning – Choices – Opportunities – Generations – Grief – Service – Relationships – Legacy.

Great Communication – The Key to Positive Relationships

Relationships are only as strong as the communication between people. In this seminar, learn how to listen, learn how to share and learn how to read what is not being said. Understand who you are and how you communicate. Discover how to hear what others are saying you to you. Free your relationships from the noise that keeps you apart. Take your relationships to a deeper level by being a great communicator.

Positive Influence – How to Lead Your World

Positive Influence - How to Lead Your World -Cover 3

How can you make a difference in your world – no matter who you are and no matter what you do? In this comprehensive presentation, a wide range of topics are covered to make you someone who is influential. Unlike people who control others, people who influence can have a much more profound and long-lasting impact on the lives and futures of others. Learn what it takes to prepare yourself to be a center of influence. Then learn methods to change the course of your history by being a positive force in the lives around you. Increase your effectiveness as a leader or team member, increase your sales, set a new standard in customer service, redefine your relationships, find a new level of personal insight and peace that will free you to be your best self. This powerful presentation is a whole person approach to business and life to become a center of influence where ever you are. Like a pebble tossed into the water – your influence will be felt in the lives of those around you and for generations to come.

Wikis vs. Wakes

Wikipedia articles largely center on the great achievements of individuals. Their accomplishments are listed and to be included, you have to be newsworthy. Wakes are times when a person’s life is measured not by the achievements, wealth or fame but on their relationships. Learn the secrets of developing a great wake by having positive relationships. Chasing fame and fortune often comes at the expense of the true riches in life, the relationships that make us who we are. Explore who to leave a generational legacy by investing in friends and family.

Forgiving & Forgetting

In the workplace as in life, people are hurt and wronged. Conflicts simmer and lists of grievances accumulate. Forgiveness is the key to unlocking relationships in conflict. Learn how to forgive and forget. Reduce the negative energy buzzing through your company that saps your corporate strength.

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